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Color Therapy Is the Feel-Good Bath-Time Ritual We All Need

Imagine you're unwinding in a warm, relaxing bath, luxuriating in a blend of oils and spa-worthy bath products. What senses are you using to soak up this...

How to Use this Multitasking Herb For Better Health

Astragalus—which refers to a large genus of over 3,000 species of ancient herbs and small shrubs, belonging to the legume family Fabaceae—has been valued for its many...

What Your Bad Breath Can Tell You About Your Oral Health

Fun fact: Research shows that women are prone to more severe morning breath than men. Luckily, strategically-stored (organic) mints can readily remedy this temporary problem, which can be fully eliminated by your morning brush, floss, scrape, and rinse routine. (You do all four, right?) When regular oral hygiene doesn’t help, however, you may...

Does Hot Water Help Digestion? Experts Weigh In

Recently, I ordered a glass of ice water at a bar and was met with palpable disdain from my dining companion. “Why ice water?” he asked. “Cold water isn’t good for your system.” This particular friend’s mom is a practitioner of Ayurveda, an ancient medicine practice that originated in India, so it...

All the Orange Essential Oil Benefits You Should Know About

Orange essential oil regularly shows up in scented candles and perfumes, thanks to its crisp, zesty, and refreshing aroma, but there’s more to the compound than what meets the nose: Research has shown orange essential oil benefits are broad, including being able to help ease stress and combat acne. Before we get...