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Healthy Lunch Recipes

5 Easy Vegan Lunch Ideas From Just One Grocery List

Lunch can be a tricky meal to make happen—you may be pressed for time and skip it, or have to pick up something on the go that’s...

7 Gut-Healthy Summer Side Dishes to Whip-Up At Home

Not all side dishes at your summer barbecue has to be slathered in mayonnaise or hot sauce. Nor is the only gut-healthy side dish a bowl of mixed fresh fruit. Next picnic, skip the pre-made macaroni salad and whip up a few gut-healthy summer side dishes packed with probiotics to support your natural...

6 High-Protein Pasta Salad Recipes for a Healthy Dinner

Pasta salad is easy enough to throw together for a large group and the leftovers often taste even better the next day. Most healthy pasta salad recipes only require a few fresh ingredients, like mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, olives, or grilled chicken, which makes it a budget-friendly dinner idea for a family, too....

Salad-Making Tips Even Leafy Green Lovers Don’t Know

If you’re someone who serves yourself salads on the daily or you’re a regular at your local Sweetgreen (et al), you likely already have a few of your own tips and tricks to ensure your favorite dish is anything but sad. Maybe you toss in roasted veggies or serve your finished product...

6 Calcium-Packed Halloumi Recipes to Make All Season Long

As the star of many vegetarian recipes, the subject of so many love-letter Instagram memes, and a versatile staple in Greek and Cypriot cuisine, halloumi, often nicknamed the “squeaky cheese,” is a fan favorite—whether you are eating it raw, frying, baking, or grilling it. There are so many calcium-packed halloumi recipes, in...