Certainly it’s a message we can get behind: prioritizing long-term skin health over quick fixes. “If you use natural and organic ingredients in your skincare, or even in your diet, you will in the long run, look better, healthier, and more beautiful than those who go for the quick fixes,” she says. “Quick fixes and aggressive treatments may look good for a night, a week, or even a month or two. But If overused, they can damage the skin. And as the months and years go by, the skin can actually look worn and unhealthy. So you’re far better served going with the healthy, organic plant ingredients that actually boost skin health and naturally repair damage.”

Before we begin, both Alexiades and I note that there’s nothing wrong with getting in-office treatments should that be what you want to do. However, we also want to provide options for people who can’t or do not want to go down that route. 

Here, some of her favorite ingredients that perform like in-office treatments. 

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