“This twist on the classic adds a depth that also lends well to freezing,” she writes, “I find that if typical tomato soups rely too heavily on the freshness of the main ingredient and the herbs that go along with it, freezing can detract from that freshness. But a soup where the tomatoes are heavily cooked and have another layer of flavor can easily be frozen.”

Because you’re working from fresh ingredients on a tray, Rosen also notes that you won’t get as much soup from this recipe as you might be used to. “If you’d like to double (or triple) this recipe, follow the same instructions but make sure to give each sheet pan separate time under the broiler,” she offers as a suggestions, pointing out that “The charring time is key.” Beyond those yummy charred tomatoes, this soup’s ingredient list is like a study in Mediterranean diet essentials: olive oil, onions, garlic, basil, and stock are all the other ingredients you need.

While popping this in the freezer (after it’s cool, that’s key!) can extend how long you can wait before enjoying the soup, you’ll probably still want to it within three months (that said, it may still be good six months out. In any event, making this soup in July or August with peak tomatoes means amazing tomato soup in October or November—which definitely sounds like a win.

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