Let’s rewind for a second: what actually qualifies a “healthy cracker” in the first place? As Maggie Moon, R.D. perfectly puts it: “I’m a fan of crackers that feel like real food. I know that may sound nebulous, but you know it when you see it and when you taste it. They feel substantial. You know there’s good stuff inside. You might even imagine making some yourself.”

For ingredients, Frances Largeman-Roth, R.D. suggests looking for nutritious options with whole grains (where the main ingredient is whole wheat, whole oats, whole brown rice, etc.), nuts, fruits, and seeds.

And what to avoid? Moon recommends steering clear of overly-processed grains and excessive added sugars. At mbg, we also try to stay away from products that contain unhealthy vegetable oils whenever possible.

“Crackers are a simple food, and the ingredient list should reflect that. There’s no reason for store-bought crackers to have artificial ingredients,” says Moon. “In fact, there are plenty of options available today that are made with simple ingredients you’d find in a well-stocked pantry.”

After testing out dozens of brands myself, and getting recommendations from nutritionists, I’ve narrowed down a few tried-and-true favorite healthy crackers that actually fit the bill.

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