Once you go gray, the new shade isn’t the only noticeable shift: Did you know your hair texture changes, too

It’s true: When your hair follicles produce less melanin (which provides the vibrant hue), they tend to produce less sebum as well. Without the natural emollient, the hair can become more fragile and coarse over time. As Erica Conan, director of education at ColorProof, once explained to mbg: “You lose protective layers on the hair strand, resulting in a cuticle that has a smaller diameter, creating a finer texture to your hair. Your finer hair will feel more coarse and dry because it is not retaining moisture as well with the loss of these protective layers.”

If you’re not used to tending to coarse, dry hair, this may pose an issue. However, experts tout this clever trick to help lock in hydration and keep the strands touchably soft: Enter, the mighty mist-and-seal. 

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