The standard protocol for washing your sheets and pillowcase is roughly once a week, according to environmental toxin expert and the founder of Slightly GreenerTonya Harris. “But there are a couple of different reasons why you should wash bedding more often in the summer,” she explains.

For one thing, we’re obviously sweating more, which can lead to bacteria and odor. But on top of that, she adds, “allergens such as pollen can travel inside with you, so washing your sheets more frequently will help cut down on those allergens (and dust mites) that can cause symptoms.”

As such, during the summer, you’ll want to double up and wash sheets and pillows as frequently as every three or four days. That should be sufficient to keep bacteria, odors, and allergens at bay, Harris says.

And if you use a top sheet or a thin blanket, those need to be washed the same as sheets and pillowcases, she adds, “but if you have that top sheet in between you and the blanket and/or comforter, the blanket can be washed every four to six weeks, while the comforter can go about two months in between washes.”

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