All types of Apple’s trusty wireless AirPods are ubiquitous for a reason: They sync up easily with an iPhone, are simple to use with a tap of the finger, provide high-quality sound, and link with Siri, so you can hear messages on-the-go. Based on my experience, they also stay in ears surprisingly well for walks or runs outside (assuming you steer clear of major wind gusts).

If you’ve already invested in a pair of the regular AirPods (which, by the way, are on sale for Prime Day, too, at $40 off for $119), and you’re considering upgrading—or, perhaps, you haven’t taken the AirPods plunge and want a more advanced option—now might be the time to buy the AirPods Pro, which are 21 percent off for Prime Day. Compared to the OGs, they bring extra noise cancellation, sweat and water resistance, a wireless charging case (for more than 24 hours of battery life), and come with three sizes of soft tips.

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