If you wake up feeling anxious after a night of drinking, don’t suppress those feelings: tend to them.

The first step may be relieving yourself of the physical and physiological symptoms of a hangover. “When our body isn’t feeling its best, it’s harder to manage or contain unpleasant emotions,” Abrams says. “Water, rest, nourishing yourself with healthy foods…and taking medication for a headache, can also help manage anxiety, even if it doesn’t eliminate it.”

Deep belly breaths can work wonders, too. “[Breathwork] actually resets your brain, making sure your higher brain (the part that makes you human!) comes back online after being hijacked by your primitive fear center,” Neo says.

Though it may be tempting, try not to replay the events of the previous night. “They may make you feel worse about yourself, as well as helpless, because you can’t change what has already happened,” Abrams tells us. Instead, she suggests seeking emotional support from a friend, or finding healthy distraction in the form of a book, a TV show you like, a nature walk, or a creative outlet like coloring. 

“No matter how you want to soothe yourself, do not pick up another drink as a salve,” Neo emphasizes. 

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