It can feel particularly challenging to walk away from someone you believe to be your twin flame. But the truth is, some of these partnerships are not meant to last. As with any breakup, Kaiser says it’s important to “take stock and see if the relationship is truly helping you advance in life.”

Spinelli adds that regardless of the twin flame aspect, “it’s important not to ignore the red flags which would be unhealthy signs in any relationship,” like lack of empathy, inability to compromise, emotional manipulation, etc.

Get clear on your feelings within the relationship, Spinelli suggests, asking questions like, how do I feel? What do I want? “We often hold the twin flame’s emotions and lose sight of our own,” she adds.

The bottom line is, while it might feel devastating to end a twin flame relationship, sometimes it’s for the best. Staying in an unhealthy relationship, even if they are your twin flame, is never worth the damage it can cause.

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