Clean and natural makeup is a category I can’t get enough of. In the last several years, brands have really stepped up their game: Gone are the days of underperforming formulas and lackluster hues. Clean makeup options range from the bold and pigmented to elegant washes of color. And the formulas have efficacy and staying power. Truly, if you haven’t made the switch to clean makeup—what are you waiting for? 

“I always felt like if you can do better for yourself and the planet, why not? And now the clean beauty industry is freaking fantastic, there’s no reason not to try,” says clean beauty expert and celebrity makeup artist Katey Denno in a recent episode of Clean Beauty School. “Now I would never in a million years suggest that it’s fine if you don’t have clean beauty skincare, and to just grab anything that’s not clean. The clean market is so big—you can find anything you need.”

In the episode we chat about why some may have such a personal relationship with makeup, how to build a clean makeup bag, her go-to products—and of course some expert application tips. Here, her five easy lessons for a refreshing and easy glow. 

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