The best meals start with a swirl of EVOO in a pan, but only if it’s premium quality. And the reason why matters: When oils are heated for cooking, potentially harmful chemical (and sometimes physical) changes can occur. According to the Olive Wellness Institute, EVOO produces the lowest level of harmful compounds under heat. EVOO does a great job of retaining its structure and high level of antioxidants, but again, only if it’s high-quality. EVOOs with lower polyphenol content won’t stand up to heat like the high polyphenol levels of Kosterina. P.S.: The rumors aren’t true: High-quality EVOO actually has a very high smoke point and way more health benefits than vegetable oils.

Cooking with Kosterina comes with health benefits and taste. The rich, fruity, and grassy notes of Kosterina olive oil elevate any flavor profile—whether it’s a classic Mediterranean dip like Tzatziki or Lime-Garlic Chicken Kebabs. Using real olive oil is a simple way to please the palate and increase the nutrition of any healthy meal. There’s no reason we shouldn’t be using it for everything: from frying eggs to grilling some fresh veggies to whipping up a luxurious dessert like Olive Oil Brownies.

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