With the lusty planet buzzing here until July 29, it wouldn’t hurt to think like a celebrity. We’re not suggesting you act like an entitled diva. But what would happen if you walked through life being wide-open to the miraculous? It’s better than worrying about when the other Louboutin is going to drop!

Abundant Leo energy knows that there’s more than enough to go around if only we’d share. With Mars in this magnanimous sign, do your part to create miracles for others whenever you can. In some cases, it’s as simple as acknowledging their presence and contributions. Humans naturally want to be seen, but so often we feel invisible. With Mars in showstopping Leo, shine a light on your co-stars. You’ll raise the vibration of every room you strut into! 

Whether you have a pot of gold in your dowry or just a few coins, Mars in Leo provides bottomless refills of creative juice. Over the coming seven weeks, we wouldn’t be surprised to see people unleashing epic productions on a shoestring budget. Where there’s a will, there’s a way! And this ardent cycle cranks up the heat on the global summer love forecast.

Even if you swore off the soulmate search while Mars was in sensitive Cancer since April 23, good luck suppressing carnal urges once Mars in Leo gets into your bloodstream. No matter your relationship status, invite in a romantic renaissance by developing a more playful spirit. How can you pump up the passion with your love interest or get more direct results from digital dating? Doing the same thing over and over will only yield expected results. Daring Mars wants you to color outside those lines and give a new tactic a try. 

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