In addition to breathwork, Harry lauds the benefits of incorporating “micro-moments” into your day. These short periods of mindfulness can actually have a huge impact on managing stress (and the best part? They take no time at all). Examples include finding a space to meditate for 10 minutes, mindfully enjoying a cup of green tea with lemon (Harry’s beverage of choice), or listening to calming music.

“Put it in your schedule and say, ‘At 12:30, I will be taking 10 minutes to relax,'” Harry adds. “If that means going in [your] car and eating [your] sandwich there, or listening to some meditative music—whatever it means, it needs to be scheduled in your day.” If a more physical practice is available to you, five minutes of yoga or strength training, or simply opting for stairs over the elevator are also great options.

The key is that these micro-moments are intentional: “Ultimately you want to develop a consistent time,” she says. “[Understand] that in order for you to be healthy, time to de-stress is not optional.”

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