As Watkins mentioned above, you have multiple voices scattered across your mind all day long—that’s what makes it difficult to pinpoint your voice of inspiration, as it often gets clouded by stress, pain, trauma, etc. 

But according to Watkins, the voice of inspiration has a defining factor: It makes you feel uncomfortable. “It’s actually pushing your comfort zone,” he says. “It’s pushing you into the growth zone, where you feel a little stretched in a good way, whereas the other voices tend to just say retreat, or run, or do what’s comfortable.”

And, again, you can start small. Let’s say you meet someone new and think they’re super nice: Instead of listening to the voice that’s fearful of rejection, ask them for their number to go out for coffee or tea. Or, says Watikins, if you’re walking to a destination and something inside of you says to turn left—take a left and see what happens, even if the destination is to the right. 

“Don’t talk yourself out of the little things, and then eventually you’ll be able to do the bigger things,” he adds. “You have to get out of your intellect, which is going to give you a thousand good reasons why you shouldn’t grow and stretch and get out of your comfort zone. And that’s what you’re really looking for.”

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