Stress is so ubiquitous in our everyday lives, that there’s a good chance you don’t even realize just how stressed out you actually are. Our bodies, on the other hand, know immediately when something is off, even if it takes us a while to consciously acknowledge.

If there’s one thing over ten years of seeing patients in my telehealth functional medicine clinic has taught me, it’s that the human body is a fascinating masterpiece of brilliant genius. It gives us warnings at the first start of trouble, and if we are willing to stop and listen, we can hear them for what they are: a sign to make a change and calm the heck down.

Even though our bodies are resilient and can put up with a lot, there comes a point where enough is enough, and it starts to give. No one becomes chronically ill overnight, and these symptoms are your body’s check engine light. But unlike a car, you can’t upgrade to a new model, you can only love on the one, beautiful body that you have right now. So here are the not-so-obvious signs your body might be chronically stressed.

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