Micellar water used to be a little French secret, hidden among Parisian pharmacies like fancy drugstore treasure. But now? Options abound! All over the globe, you can find these nifty cleansing waters—keep one on your vanity as a makeup remover, in your bathroom as a gentle toner, or tucked inside your gym bag as a post-workout cleanser. 

Now, this isn’t your regular bottled water: micellar water has tiny capsules of oil suspended in it (called “micelles,” hence its name), which makes the liquid solution a double duty cleanser: The water lifts dirt and hydrates the skin, while the oil removes excess sebum and makeup. In short, it’s a multitasking wonder that’s soft enough for even sensitive skin types. 

Curious about micellar water’s place in your skin care routine? Read up on all the benefits here, then browse our favorite options below.

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