As an active person, you never really know what life is going to throw at you. Maybe it’s an impromptu hike, or your kids have successfully pleaded for an afternoon at the pool. Chaco Z/Sandals are versatile sport sandals that ensure you’re ready for anything. These sandals have 360-degree adjustability for a cozy, customized fit, as well as the LUVSEAT™ footbed (very lovable indeed). And because we know you don’t hold back when it comes to activity,┬áthese shoes are a part of the ReChaco Program, meaning you can send your sandals in for repair whenever needed.

We all know how it feels to get an invite to an outdoor adventure, only to look down at the wrong pair of shoes. There’s no way to say what the day will bring, but the Z/Sandals allow you to go with the flow. Having that shoe-for-any-occasion is the luxury you didn’t know existed, until now.

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