After analyzing the results of the ratings, the team found men and women did, in fact, have relatively similar priorities. Both considered all three personality traits, as well as physical build and attractiveness, as highly important. Men and women also both rated income with lower importance.

Intelligence, trust, age, education, income, and emotional connection appeared to be slightly more important for women than men (about 9 to 14 points more important, specifically). Men, on the other hand, rated attractiveness and physical build to be of more importance compared to what the women reported.

And as far as how the results differed with age, it would appear our priorities do change as we get older. Men did place more importance on aesthetics than women in general, but amongst the older participants, there was less of a discrepancy. Additionally, younger women rated personality traits as more important than the younger men, but among the older participants, both men and women rated personality more evenly.

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