Yes, 90 pounds is a drastic change, but Harry emphasizes that this by no means happened overnight. In fact, when she first started her holistic health path, she didn’t focus on weight at all. “Ultimately, what worked for me was just wanting to feel better. I said to myself: ‘Why don’t I just focus on wanting to feel better? Why don’t I just focus on wanting to sleep better? Why don’t I just focus on wanting my energy to improve more?’” 

By focusing on these top-down goals, rather than assigning herself harsh parameters, she was able to see the whole picture when it came to her health. In fact, when she viewed these lifestyle shifts as an ongoing journey (rather than a checklist of markers to meet), she was able to make those changes sustainable. And with time? She inched closer to her healthy weight. 

“Ultimately, I was accepting the fact that it was going to take me about a year or more to lose that weight and keep it off,” she adds. “That really took a lot of acceptance—to really grasp that there was not one thing that was going to magically do it for me.” 

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