Another one of my most favorite tests is a CT Coronary Calcium Scan. These are readily available, as well, and may not cost you more than $100 to get in many places. Yes, this is a CT scan, so there is radiation exposure. However, it is a quick, low dose CT scan (and the radiation is comparable to an X-ray).

This quick and easy method can give your doctor a glimpse of what the plumbing in your heart is looking like. When we get buildup in our heart, we can develop problems like high blood pressure, chest pain, shortness of breath, or even a heart attack. This is useful as a preventative test because it is readily available, cost effective, and can give you tons of information regarding your risk for a cardiac event.

You would be surprised how many people have moderate to severe heart disease and they just don’t know it. By getting a score on this type of scan, you can get an idea regarding if you are at a very low risk or a very high risk (or somewhere in between) for heart disease. With excellent and accurate tests like this, we can now gain insight into how we are wired and make an intervention before there’s ever an issue.

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