Kaur makes one thing very clear: attempting to “achieve” a Kundalini awakening should not be the goal. The “goal” so to speak, should merely be to become a whole, self-actualized person. If your Kundalini energy rises, it rises—but if not, you’re still doing yourself a service by cultivating your spirituality.

Rebelle echoes this sentient, explaining, “If people try to awaken Kundalini on its own, it’s very often not a good idea. For 99.9% of us, when try to awaken Kundalini by itself without training and cultivating the upper chakras, often people feel the stiffening of the body, they feel heat in their back, in the spine, they have all kinds of physical reactions.”

This happens when Kundalini is awakening “but it’s not going through the chakras, it’s just all over the place,” she adds.

All that said, the following are some ways you can cultivate your spirituality and consciousness more generally:

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