As Buchanan explains, looking at someone’s entire chart of 7 Core Personality Numbers will offer greater accuracy when it comes to numerology compatibility, “but in general terms, 8 is a strong and masculine number that has incarnated to work on ‘power’ issues—therefore, some 8s need to be in control and can be domineering in relationships.”

Kaehart notes this controlling nature is something they (and their partner) need to watch out for, adding “They want things their way, and when they don’t get their way, they can come off as a bit of a dictator.”

However, Buchanan tells mbg, “All 8s are here to learn to obtain ‘balance,’ and those who have mastered this attract healthy relationships with partners who are ‘just right,’ and there are no power issues between them.”

Some 8s, but not all, she says, are most compatible with the 4, 6, or 8 Life Path. But Kaehart adds that at the end of the day, “any number can be with any number.”

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