A good rule of thumb is that your hair or scalp should never hurt: Beauty is not pain. As she explains, this results in a very common kind of hair loss called traction alopecia—one that can be permanent.  

“Traction alopecia can be caused by excessive tension on the hair. So it could be that you always style your hair in a certain way: So you always wear a tight ponytail, wear braids, or have a weave in the hair—when those are done too tightly, that chronic tension and that chronic stress can lead to inflammation in the scalp,” she says. 

This is such an important one to pay attention to, as it’s one of the forms of hair loss that is entirely preventable. 

“When it’s caught early and interventions are done early, you can regrow your hair from traction alopecia,” she says. “But where the damage has gone on for say many months or many years, it can be difficult to regrow the hair because eventually those hair follicles can be replaced by scarring and you can’t grow here. You cannot grow hair through scar tissue.” 

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