Think like a project manager: How’s the budget looking? Is the calendar organized, and is there enough white space for relaxation time along with all the work (work, work, work, work)? Streamline and simplify now, and you won’t go into overload mode on Thursday, May 20, when the Sun joins messenger Mercury in buzzy, outgoing Gemini.

El Sol will beam its rays in the sign of the Twins until June 21, making two everyone’s favorite number. Pairing up is the way to win—and possibly with someone from your past since Mercury will be retrograde from May 29 to June 22. But don’t feel obligated to make a single person your go-to for everything; in fact, that’s never the best move. Your morning walk buddy might not make the ideal rooftop drinks plus-one. And even if they do, ’tis the season to branch out. 

Gemini governs the neighborhood scene, so start by checking out any newly reopened local venues to find your fix. Not only will you save money on gas, but you’ll boost the local economy: a win-win. Then again, this might be the prompt you’ve been waiting for to embrace bi-city living. What’s happening a few towns over…or even farther away?

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