“I love oils,” she explains to me—noting they make up the crux of her skin care routine. “If you asked me maybe six, seven years ago if I would ever put oils on my face—I would create them for work, but I didn’t love them for me.” 

But over time, her devotion to a good oil grew, and it all came down to this simple piece of advice: Use an oil as a moisturizer booster: “Here’s a really good tip. Instead of putting oil straight on your face, try mixing a little bit of oil in your moisturizer in your hand, and then put it on your face.” 

Just take a normal scoop of your go-to moisturizer (some of our favorites, here), and add in a few drops of your oil before blending the two together. Since oils are more occlusive in nature, they can help act as a sealant for the cream. Essentially, the water-based cream does the hydrating, and the oil blend can help lock in the water in an easy step. 

The key to this tip is getting the textures to your liking. We recommend using similar-weight options. For example, if your normal face cream is light, opt for a lighter oil like squalane or jojoba. For denser, thicker creams, you can likely opt for more robust oils like olive or almond oil.  

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