Good strapless bras are hard to come by. Like, really hard to come by. They’re so hard to come by that I spent all of the last pandemic summer letting it all hang out, which is a bold move for a 32DD girl. But while many of us abandoned our underwires the last year, the reality is that we still might need (or simply prefer) some extra support. And since this summer is all about being seen, it’s time to bring the strapless bra back.

But what makes a good strapless bra? In a perfect world, we love something that isn’t dancing on our torso after 15 minutes. Comfort is also a high priority now that we’ve known the sweatpants life. And I don’t know…is it even possible to find a strapless bra that isn’t neutral-toned and snooze-worthy? Don’t worry, we investigated this from all different angles.

Shop the best strapless bras for summer

ThirdLove 24/7 Classic Strapless Bra — $65.00

If you want a trusty everyday strapless that can accommodate a wide range of sizes, you’ll be set with ThirdLove’s “Look, no elastic!” take on their 24/7 bra. It goes up to 48D or 38I, depending on whether you measure “up” by band or cup.

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Baxxe Defiance Baxxe Set — $108.00

I’ve actually taken to these chic backless bras by Baxxe. The glamor strap is designed for low-back or backless dresses; if they play peekaboo, it’s a really cute look. But even the finely molded cups are worth raving about—while this truly may not be enough support for everyone, I’ve had a lot of success throwing this under slip dresses and halter minis alike.

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Spanx Undie-tectable Better Bandeau — $48.00

Finally, it never hurts to have a bandeau-style bra in your collection, especially if it actually supports you instead of forming a strange, sagging band. Spanx has your back there and provides that perfect lace trim for too-low tops, plus a little bit of oomph.

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