We make plenty of one-pot meals for lunch or dinner, but breakfast? In this case, the entire meal is made together in one pot, and it’s layered with the rich flavors of a tomato-and-pepper-based sauce.

Shakshuka (also sometimes spelled shakshouka) is a dish with origins in the Middle East and North Africa, and the word itself comes from Arabic. It’s a dish that can be found on brunch menus across the world today, but the core of the dish is certainly the stunning sauce—even if the details vary across the cultures that make the dish (or something similar: In Italy, the dish Ova ‘mpriatorio, or “eggs in purgatory” is similar). Many versions of shakshuka, particularly the ones I’ve seen served in the U.S., do include eggs in the dish—which is where this recipe comes into play.

To finish this vegan breakfast, you’ll create the two components of a runny “egg”: yolks are made from sweet potato, nutritional yeast, tapioca starch, and kala namak; the whites include silken tofu plus more tapioca starch and kala namak. Also known as sulemani namak and “black salt,” kala namak is a rock salt commonly used to make vegan egg substitutes, thanks to its vaguely eggy (or “sulfurous”) scent.

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