If mental chatter is keeping you up, Stephenson recommends some relaxing options you can do without even getting up, like writing down anything you’re worrying about to get it out of your head.

She also suggests trying meditating or deep breathing, noting that both can help reverse the body’s wake-up mode response. “No need to sit up,” she adds. “Just focus on breathing slowly and deeply, in and out, or focus on a calming word and repeat it in your mind until you drift off again.”

Stephenson adds that one of the most important rules of sleeping in is to be patient. “Sometimes your body just needs to know you aren’t getting up,” she says. “Relax, keep your eyes closed, and stop worrying about falling asleep.” Sometimes the worry and frustration about not being able to fall asleep are exactly what’s keeping you up! “If you let go of that thought process that ‘Oh no if I don’t get enough sleep my day will be ruined,’ you may be able to relax enough to fall asleep and get in a few more good solid hours,” she says.

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