Time to peek out of our cocoons—cautiously, of course—and redefine what it means to be a social butterfly, 2021-style. Kindred spirits may be a DM away, and an energizing conversation could quickly evolve into a video chat or an offline meetup. 

One catch: Mercury will spin retrograde from May 29 to June 22, which is why the planet is hovering in Gemini for three times its normal span. While the backspin can put the “mess” in “messaging,” it will also bring a crucial opportunity to clear the air with people who’ve been manipulating you in any way. Once the playing field is leveled, you’ll either start fresh or find a better way to blend your personalities.

No matter what your social style, Gemini is all about #Twinning. Pair up on projects, or find a go-to buddy for beach trips and dancing under the stars.

Looking for a summer distraction? Since Gemini rules the hands, get those DIY dreams in motion. The crafters and makers will truly enjoy this tactile phase. Writers, teachers, and media makers, too—sharing information and ideas is what Mercury in Gemini loves.

Unfortunately, this quicksilver energy won’t give us the longest attention spans. Our interests could change daily…hourly even…so committing to our craft could take some extra discipline.

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