People often overlook face washing in favor of the other skin care steps. People are so focused on getting the other parts of the routine right: I’m so often flooded with questions about serums, moisturizers, toners, and so forth. (“How do I layer these products?” “Should I apply moisturizer to dry or damp skin?” “Do I need a toner, and if so, why?” You get the picture.) Hardly do I ever get questions about cleansing! And, yet, the step is the bedrock for all others to build on.

Lest you forget: Your products cannot properly penetrate the skin if there isn’t a clean canvas to begin with. Plus, without proper and regular cleansing, you may experience clogged pores, excessive skin cell buildup, and damage from free radicals. This is all to say: It’s an important step, and worth making sure you are doing a good job of it. 

Which brings me to a recent TikTok video I saw from board-certified dermatologist Alexis Stephens, D.O., in which she discussed common skin care mistakes. The last one certainly caught my eye.

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